Our Story

Dimpat Residential was born in 2013 out of a desire to assemble the highest quality tradespeople to deliver architectural and bespoke residential projects. We work closely with the architects of contemporary house designs to turn their visions into homes.

Our goal is to be the most reliable builder committed to delivering the highest standard of finish.

As a result of Dimpat Residential’s success, there was a strong demand from clients and architects to deliver their commercial projects. With the launch of Dimpat Commercial in 2018, our goal remains clear; to be the most reliable builder providing the highest quality finish.

Growing through word of mouth, we have a folio of impressive builds; handing over-complicated, challenging and detailed designs on schedule and budget – to happy clients.

The Service

We love what we do and we believe our clients deserve to enjoy the process as well. We aim to create authentic relationships with our clients which allow us to understand their needs and deliver exactly what is expected.

We believe a team-based approach results in the most successful and enjoyable projects, so we have a down-to-earth approach to communication and a commitment to transparency with our clients.

Dimpat’s early involvement process has allowed us to assist many clients to remain within their budget through cost analysis that starts from the design phase and continues into construction. We work closely with both parties to ensure the client’s goals and consultants design are able to be delivered to budget.

Please get in touch to hear more about this service and seek a referral from clients and consultants who have chosen this process with great experiences.

The Team

We have a tight-knit and trustworthy team ready to work with you.

Adrian Poropat


Bevan Dimeck


Rowan Williams


Please get in touch with us to discuss your residential or commercial project. Check out our past projects for more info.